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Interview with Medium, Jill Marie Morris

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When a hotel heir’s dream of opening the perfect romantic getaway comes with a ghost, he enlists the help of a striking medium.
I’m thrilled to share my interview with a respected psychic investigator, Medium, author, entertainer, and radio show host, Jill Marie Morris.
SN: You’ve had quite an illustrious career. I find it downright amazing how one person can possess so many talents! What’s your secret?
JMM: I’m a hereditary psychic. Both my grandmother and her mother had the gift.
SN: You live in Los Angeles, which I guess makes you a true Hollywood Medium. Hollywood has always had an illustrious history of hauntings, secret societies, and paranormal activity. This dates as far back to the mysterious death of actress Jayne Mansfield back in 1967and her alleged association with a dark cult. What can you tell us about your experience as a psychic living and working in Tinsel town?
JMM: I spend a lot of time in the greater Los Angeles area, and I can tell you there’s a signature vibe in certain places that's consistent with dark things. Certain geological aspects and mineral canyons are known to conduit spirit activity. There are some spiritually dangerous pockets that are best left alone.
SN: Wow, living in New Jersey seems downright boring! Who are some famous people that have come through to you?
JMM: I have had lots of famous people whose essence came through to me over the years. Some of the more memorable ones were Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Belushi, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. Harry Houdini was one of my favorites. His spirit was incredibly strong and consistent with his flagrant persona when he was alive. I’ve also had the famous twenties heartthrob, Valentino and his wife come through to me when I dined at the Mercantile Room in Hollywood—boy was he a character! I’ve also encountered the spirit of Jayne Mansfield. Her car was donated to the Dearly Departed Museum, in Hollywood and I was able to pick up on some major activity.  
SN: That’s amazing! I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall. In my novel, HAUNTED my heroine, Karly, must banish a spirit from a haunted inn. As a medium, what’s involved in a haunting? How do you lead a spirit to the light?
JMM: I start off by conducting a full reading of the property to see what I‘m dealing with. Banishing a spirit is a strong act and sometimes isn’t necessary. There are times when the living and dead should learn to peacefully commune with one another unless the spirit or energy is dark and dangerous. In the case of the latter, I approach the scenario with rest and preparation, ready to do spiritual battle. I also know what my boundaries are, and what I’m comfortable with. On occasion, there’s a need to call in help from someone who’s educated in expelling extremely dark forces. This includes having the family contact a priest, or clergy member, or even a demonologist. If I’m handling such a case on my own, I ground, center and block. I’ll always sage prior to a cleansing, but sage only rids negativity, not spirit energy. I also use directives to show the spirit out of the house. For example, I draw a line to alert the spirit that they aren’t welcome. A combination of prayers and chants, as well as meditation, is important. Each individual energy is different. The residents are also an important part of the process. They must claim their space as their own and actively participate in letting the spirit or energy know the living have control over their home. House cleansings are dependent upon the space, the residents, and the spirit. After a cleansing, a blessing is given and I recommend a celebration to restore peace and positive energy. 
SN: Holy smokes and I thought my job was detail oriented! What should every person know about the supernatural to stay protected?
JMM: The spiritual realm is very real, and it needs to be respected. It’s energy that’s part of many different dimensions. We have to be open and remember that spirits do in fact impact us and vice versa. Don’t dabble with the dark side, because it will trip you up and create a host of problems that may not be easily untangled. 

SN: I want to thank my lovely guest, Jill Marie Morris, for all her insight into the fascinating world of the supernatural.

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