Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

You must remember Rod Stewart's song from the eighties. Do Ya Think I'm sexy? I'm curious, what makes someone sexy? In this case I will focus the topic strictly on males, the ones rippling with testosterone.This is a purely subjective topic and can stretch the limits of what one person finds intriguing, hot, or sexy versus another.

We have man candy Mondays. 

How about Hot Men on Hump Day?

In my new book, Witch Hunter, my hero, a sexy special agent is modeled after the gorgeous Joe Manganiello of True Blood fame. In my humble opinion, he's the epitome of hunky male beauty. He's confident, sexy and brimming with charm.
Tell me this man is not gorgeous. I dare you!

Who do you think is sexy?

What's on your book shelf? If you read romance, I'd love to know who you picture as the male lead in the story.What type of physical and personality attributes captures your imagination? I'm going to borrow a little from David Letterman here and create my own top ten list. In no  particular order, here's my ten:

10-Marc Cuban:

I find the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the hot head on Shark Tank incredibly sexy and not for his money. In fact, that might even be a detractor. He's brutally honest, sincere, and has an abundance of confidence that borders on arrogant and I for one find incredibly appealing!

9-  Kevin Costner:
The man is a classically handsome and like a fine bottle of wine, he gets better with age.I fell in love with him in Bull Durham when he painted Susan Sarandon's toe nails in the bathtub. He's well into his fifties and still hot!

8- Ryan Reynolds

Yummy, right? His boyish looks, golden skin and hair make him sexy, but in an accessible way. I loved him in Best Friends because he truly seemed like a guy you could hang out with and he'd make you fall over laughing. He's also the inspiration for the hero, in my next novel.

7- Russell Crowe

Ah, the twinkle in those blue eyes. The sexy accent is enough to make us remember why we love him. Has anyone seen, Gladiator? Need I say more.  He was also super sexy and charming in the film, A Good Year. If you haven't seen him as the cut throat business man who falls head over heels in love with a beautiful french girl you should.

6- Bradley Cooper

This hottie first came on the Hollywood scene in the TV series, Alias as Jennifer Garner's journalist friend Will. I had never seen him before the show, but fell instantly in love with his intelligence and sexy persona. And yes the glasses didn't hurt! When I saw him in the first Hangover movie I laughed my ass off. I can't  resist a guy who's that gorgeous and funny to boot.

 5- Will Smith
I've had a crush on this dashing funny man and serious actor since the movie, Hitch. He's the guy you would want to get wooed by. He's the guy who takes you out on a wave runner to Ellis Island, kicks you in the face, knocks you in the water, and you still want to see him again. He would just make the whole thing fun, and adventurous. He's a combo of sexy and adorable.

4-Michael Fassbender

If you haven't seen this intense, sexy actor in the cult classic, Shame I suggest you do. Mind you it's not for the superior plot or character growth at the end of the film. The film, in a word, was strange. But Michael walks around nude in the first five minutes and yes, I do mean full frontal. Later, when they show him in his boxers, it looks like he has a full-size python in his pants. Wow! If I didn't think he was sexy before (The accent and the blue eyes does it for me) he got my attention big time after that!

3-Liev Shreiber
Naomi Watts you're one lucky lady. This phenomenal actor seems like the epitome of intelligence, quick wit, and pure hotness all wrapped up in one sexy package. Besides, he's always carting those adorable tow headed boys of his on his big, broad shoulders. I mean, you have to love a a guy who adores his kids, right? The abs don't hurt either! Nice!

2- Dr. Drew Pinsky
Okay, Okay I know you weren't expecting this one with all the other hotties in the line up. I don't know what it is, but there's something super sexy about this guy. Maybe the glasses and the wavy grey hair does it for me. Or perhaps it's his ability to truly want to help other people in need. But there's something incredibly hot about the man in my opinion.

1-Javier Bardem

By god just the name is hot. I absolutely loved him in Eat, Pray, Love! What woman didn't melt when he cried after saying goodbye to his son? He was also sexy as hell and complicated in Vicky Christina of Barcelona, wooing not one, not two, but three different women. Only Javier could have the charm and sophistication to  attempt such a feat and make us root for him. He's sexy all the way.

So tell me what your thoughts on hump day hotties and who are some of your favorites? I'd love to hear!